Short Description of the ADONISPASTOR

Henner Bernshausen is handsome as a Greek God, in his early fourties and protestant pastor in Düsseldorf. Shortly after receipt of his highschool diploma he escaped from his home country, the Siegerland and left behind not only his family together with his preacher father, but also his Christian community. Now he is standing in front of his highest superior and is told that his part-time job as a minister is going to be cancelled due to the church’s pressure to save money. But be assured, one bad news seldom comes alone. And so it happens that the only vacant vicarage to be offered to him turns out to be Obermeislingen, his home village.


Grundgingly Henner accepts the offer being well aware of the fact that most people remember him to be the rebellious son of the preacher of the Community of Upright Christs. He not only has to take up the challenges of his old and new community but also and above all the confrontation with his family. And to exceed all these excitements a dark beauty crosses his ways and rocks his strongly developed self-confidence. But also Henner has some surprises ready for the people around him.