The sequel of THE ADONISPASTOR oder preacher are men at last.

The foreseen name: THE ADONISPASTOR and the legacy of the fathers

The main story is about a friend of the "adonispastor" who was born in Turkey and moved to Germany when he was a small boy. He feels comfortable in his new home - country, German is his main language and he is absolutely integrated in the German society. When his brother dies in a mysterious traffic accident, leaving behind a wife and children, he is caught up by his past, as he now has to take over the responsability for 3 persons and to cope with all kinds of problems, being rooted in the Turkish culture, which he has thought to have left behind long ago. Moreover his nerves are being hardly tested, as he strongly believes that he has to hide parts of his actual life in Germany due to security reasons. But also in the life of his sister-in-law there are some secrets.  

Reading in Frankfurt

Next chance to hear me reading excerpt from my book:


Thursday, Dec. 9th, 2010 - 20:00 h


Bookshop Naumann and Eisenbletter, Berger Str. 168, Frankfurt a.M.


I'm sorry, I'll read it in German!